"Bunnies are the symbol of rebirth like the arrival
of spring or the first snowstorm of the season.”


Nancy Laracy


Nancy is a writer and activist for the elderly and disabled individuals. She is a wife and mother who suffers from a mixed connective tissue disease and fibromyalgia. An advocate and resource for the chronic pain community since being diagnosed in 1996, Nancy has written and been the subject of many articles on the topic of chronic pain as well as pet therapy. She is involved in formal bunny therapy at various rehabilitation centers & hospitals in northern New Jersey.  A former corporate recruiting and human resources executive, she resides in New Jersey with her husband Ward, son Christopher, daughter Julie, and her current bunny named Muffin.


Nancy pioneered the first branch of Bunnies in Baskets in NJ, a 5013c 
charity.  She is also a member of LAPAN, The Leaders Against Pain 
Action Network, a branch of the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain 
Association.  She does national advocacy work and writes continually 
for publications related to chronic pain.  Her unique bunny therapy has 
expanded quickly and she now does big events for children through 
organizations such as Cancer Care, Camp Dreamstreet and several others.

Bunny Boy


Bunnyboy was a red satin that lived until he was nine years old, despite monumental health issues that would have taken the life of any ordinary rabbit within the first year of life.  He was the luckiest, unlucky rabbit. He was a loving, devoted companion and a source of great inspiration for everyone whose lives that he touched.  Bunnyboy was mischievous, kind, and the breath of fresh air that blew into my life when I needed it the most.  He filled a void that no one else could fill.



Muffin​ is a four year old Jersey Woolie who brings love and comfort to 
young and old.  She is cuddly, fuzzy and incredibly endearing.  She works with the elderly at numerous rehabilitation and long term care facilities and sponsor big events for children through organizations such as Cancer Care, Camp Dreamstreet and more. Her work with children is unparalleled. 


She always brings along to her events chocolate bunny lollipops, bunny books, stuffed bunnies and unique bunny crafts.  Amazingly her four and a half pounds of fluff always seems enough to go around!