"People won’t always remember the actual words that you
said but they will remember the way you made them feel.”

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The Chronicle - March/April '13

A newsletter for the American Chronic Pain Association

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Published Articles

A Fluffy Rabbit And Her
Owner Help People In Pain
"Nancy Laracy and her rabbit, Muffin, offer animal-assisted therapy that brings comfort to people who are suffering."
March 2017 - Petcha.com

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BC The Mag
Health, Beauty & Fitness
"Rabbits & the Road To Recovery"
Summer 2014

Page 86 & 87

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Febraury 2014

Valley Hospital Membership Focus: Nancy Laracy

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Pain Pathways -
November  '13

Pain Pathway Magazine pays tribute to Nancy, Muffin  and Bunny Boy

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American Chronic Pain Association -
September  '13

Pet Rabbits Prove Therapeutic for Pain

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Arthitis Today -

March/April '13

Nancy Laracy and Bunnyboy: A Unique Connection

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                - March/April 2013

The fall issue of the publication from the American Society of Pain Educators

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Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Life - 

Mar/Apr 2013 


Soft Bunny Strokes for Kids at Sandy Hook Elementary 

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Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Life

Sept. 2012

Feature in the Inaugural Edition.

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Franklin Lakes Suburban News - April 2009

“He Makes Her Heart go Hippety-Hop” 

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Pain Pathways - Winter 2012

"Managing Fibromyalgia Pain With Pet Therapy"

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Clio’s Psyche - June 2012

“Bunny Boy and Me, Fighters for Each Other” 

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Rabbits USA - January 2012
Nancy talks about her amazing story and journey with Bunny Boy.​

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Nancy and Muffin were featured on a ten minute segment on New Jersey Channel 12
Pet Stop September 18 and 19, 2012.


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